Kiki McBride
Per 100,000, 2020

Each row represents a day of coronavirus cases in the United States, with each stitch representing one case per 100,000. Coronavirus spreads at an exponential rate, which when represented through crochet makes a model of the hyperbolic plane. Since March, efforts were made to "flatten the curve" which can be seen in the curvature of this fabric. When the country did a good job staying inside and wearing masks the fabric is less curved, when we did a poor job it is more curved. The number of deaths per 100,000 is also tracked in the light blue color on the edge. The dark green color represents a shift to The White House's control of the CDC, which provided the data for the project. This piece was made to be touched, so its curvature could be felt, even calculated. Of course, you can't do that now because of Corona.