Precious Romo
Portland Graphic, 2020
Sharpie, Paper
50 x 42 in
Originally, I wanted to document and recreate the graffiti I have spotted during my daily excursions throughout Portland, but the fires severely limited my ability to explore. By the time the air cleared up and I was once again able to venture outside, a lot of the graffiti I enjoyed had been covered up. While I was sad that the graffiti was no longer decorating the Portland scenery, I was happy that I had taken notice of them at all. I was unable to complete my idea as I initially intended, but I still felt inclined to draw the photos I already had on my phone, a mixture of graffiti and personal adventures. Portland Graphic is both a documentation and recreation of real-life moments, I am rendering these bits of graffiti and trips with my friends permanently in comic form, an act of love for the temporality of artwork and relationships.