Sundhya Anthony (@4FALSE4HORSE4GIRL4)
Read the body copy, 2019
Performative Flyer

Sundhya Anthony (@4FALSE4HORSE4GIRL4) is a Graphic Designer and Multimedia Artist.

She is interested in using Graphic design marketing tactics, image making, memes, and screenshots to create work that explores what it means to be on social media, as a product and a consumer.

Read the body copy explores late stage capitalism’s impact on the way we use social media. It brings up thoughts about the gig economy, and the commodification of authenticity. These flyers (when printed) are similar to the performance of the social media influencer. When we log on, what content are we consuming? Why do we feel teh need to constantly produce content? Why does everyone need 3 jobs now to be comfortable? What happens if social media is my side hustle?

This piece would not be possible without the help of my friends/collaborators. All photos on this project were taken by Nari Emerson (@nawryn), clothes borrowed from JuJu Monét and Oskar Radon (@oskarradon).